Welcome to my website! On this site you will find some of my hobby programming projects and other useful information related to administering Gentoo and FreeBSD machines.

[Glum icon] [Glum icon]

Glum: a simple software 3D rasterizer

This is a very basic 3D software rasterizer I have been hacking on to learn more about 3D graphics pipelines. I've abandoned it for now and can't do much more than render some textured triangles using bilinear filtering. I might add more features to it at some point.

Sources (git): browse or clone from git://aphax.nl/glum

Screenshots: 1 2 3

[Frackle icon] [Frackle icon]

Frackle: fractal image generator

Frackle is a fractal image renderer that I toyed with to learn more about programming GUI applications with GTK+ (a cross-platform GUI toolkit) and a bit about fractals themselves.

It runs on both Windows and Linux and can render Mandelbrot fractals, Burning ship fractals and Julia sets. It's fairly basic and the visual results arent as impressive as other generators, but it supports supersampling, some basic control of colors and zooming/panning.

Screenshots: 1 2 3

Download: Sources, Win32 binaries (required DLLs included)

[Rogue class icon] [Rogue class icon]

Rogue gear comparison script (WoW)

This is a PHP script that compares gear for the Rogue class in World of Warcraft by calculating a total score for each item, based on weights (based for example on AEP) assigned to the various stats. Some item types like weapons and trinkets aren't listed since they are less trivial to calculate (but there's a nice thread on Elitist's Jerks that gives good advise on the various trinkets and weapons (and also how to weigh stats).

Users can add missing items by name or wowhead ID, which are then automatically fetched from wowhead.com

Visit my rogue gear comparison page

Feel free to mail me with any suggestions/corrections/tips